The Friends of Wagner Farm is proud to support

Historic Wagner Farm’s “Feeding Glenview” initiative!

Feeding Glenview.jpg

To date, the Farm has:

  • Delivered over 500 dozen eggs to the Northfield Food Pantry.

  • Delivered fresh produce twice a week to the Northfield Food Pantry.

  • Fulfilled 30 weekly Community Sourced Agriculture (CSA) baskets.

  • Continued to work toward it's goal of producing 20,000 lbs. of food this year.

  • Contributed over 4000 lbs of beef, pork and lamb to the program, all raised at the Farm by the Glenview Clovers 4H club, and going to local families and businesses.

  • Produced an additional 1000 lbs of chicken. 

Wagner Farm was proud to accept the 2020 Outstanding Program Award from the Illinois Parks and Recreation Association for Feeding Glenview. Read ,more here.

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